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Welcome to My Quanta

This is an exciting time for the staff at My Quanta, a dream come true.  However, to make this dream into a reality, we need to continue working as a strong team and begin networking with many organizations, businesses, and "everyday people."

My Quanta is currently growing as a business and this website will continue to grow as our products and services expand.  Our current focus is on a product that has been in the development stages for the past 16 years.  It involves the L.I.V.E.S. Inventory, an incredible Intake Tool that supports helping professionals in obtaining crucial information about dynamic factors impacting their clients’ ability and motivation for change.  The Tool is intended to aid helping professionals in developing a strategic and effective plan for services (e.g., therapeutic, community/outreach, and employment), increasing time efficiency, and allowing management to study the effectiveness of services provided.

We are currently asking individuals from different organizations, businesses, and the general public to complete the L.I.V.E.S. Inventory, so that we can begin validating and standardizing the Tool.  Once this phase is completed, our knowledgeable staff will begin developing the research and report-generating tools that will provide helping professionals with vibrant reports including a summary of the results, graphs of comparable subjects, geographical/cultural/ethnic/and linguistic sensitivities, safety concerns, client strengths, suggestions for developing strategic plans, and identifying local community resources.

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